The Capital of Oregon, Salem is an interesting mix of industrial and residential, with the downtown are built mostly before the 60’s, and the surrounding suburbs primarily homes built after 1980. All of the homes built after 1970 use asphalt shingles, and most of them are due to be replaced. While in the last ten years, quality and reliability of roofing material has improved to lasting as long as 50 years, older composite shingles rarely have more than a 10 or 20 year lifespan. Since most of the homes to the west and east of Salem were constructed in the 70’s and 80’s, and southeast in the 90’s, if your home still has its original shingles, they’re probably due to be replaced. Using asphalt shingles for new construction has remained the standard for the last 50 years, and with good reason, low cost and long life compared to most other materials.

Residential development has seen a major uptick in the 2000’s, just north of Keizer. Most of that construction used 20-year composite shingles, meaning if you’re in that area, and your home was constructed before 2005, its time for a roof inspection.

Painting Contractor

Express Remodeling has been a painting contractor for Portland, and Salem since 1994.  In that time we've inspected, prepared, primed, and painted the interior and exterior for hundreds of homes all over Oregon. Great painting takes more than a contractor and paint, it means choosing the right painting contractor and the best paint for your home. 

When it comes to choosing paint you have a variety of sheens to choose from including oil or latex. The most common and preferred paint type is latex because it's long lasting durability and ease of clean up. It also tends to be more fade resistant and breathes better than oil, resulting in less blistering of the paint. We recommend using a latex paint for most of your walls and household uses.

Oil based paint is a great option for priming trim because it tends to seal stains and knots from the wood better than a latex paint. However, oil based paint does take longer to dry, so please take this into consideration when choosing your paint. 

Just recently we started collecting before and after shots of projects we've worked on, and we'd love your project to be added to our growing gallery.